About Us

Morse, Giesler, Callister, Karlin & Hiura continually strive to be California’s premier provider of legal services in workers’ compensation defense.

Expanding from two founders to 25 attorneys in 20 years, Morse, Giesler, Callister, Karlin & Hiura take on all fields of workers' compensation and handle them professionally and effectively. Continue

Our Team

Our Workers’ Compensation defense lawyers are skilled and knowledgeable. Most of our team has substantial experience.

The new lawyers are trained and mentored by their seniors before they take independent action. We focus on continuing education. We provide at no charge current interest seminars to our clients. Continue

Worker’s Comp Law Expertise

As a statewide workers’ compensation defense firm, our services include the defense of workers’ compensation claims, including alleged violations of Labor Code § 132(a), claims of serious and willful misconduct by either the employer or the employee, and the evaluation and preparation of fraud cases for prosecution. Continue